Ekon Benefits Your Trusted Partner;

Retirement Rescue

Retirement Rescue is a featured section in our "Your Trusted Source" Monthly Newsletter which details common plan errors, prevention methods, and solutions.  As your trusted partner, we are here to help if errors arise in your Plan. 

What is the EPCRS?

Locating Missing Participants

Internal Controls

Failure to Provide Safe Harbor Notice

Automatic Enrollment

Maintaining Plan Records

Plan Terminations

Plan Audits, Pt. 1 - Agency Jurisdiction & Focus

Plan Audits, Pt. 2 - Planning & Preparation

Bonuses & Withholding

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

General VCP Fees Reduced in Feb. 2016

Early Correction of Elective Deferrals - update as of April 2015

Failure to Comply with Restatement Deadlines

Increased Civil Monetary Penalties

Failure to Obtain Spousal Consent

Roth Contribution Errors

Updated EPCRS Procedures (Effective January 2017)

Hardship Distribution Tips from the IRS

Definition of Compensation

Clarification on Hardships

401(k) Rescue - Our 401(k) Fix It Series

Hardship Distributions

Top-Heavy Plan Requirements

Employee Elective Deferrals

Exclusion of Eligible Employees

Participant Loans

Failure to File a Form 5500

Definition of Compensation

Nondiscrimination Testing

Deferrals in Excess of Annual Limit

Plan Operations are not based on Plan Document

Employer Contributions

Failure to Update Plan Document

Mistakes in Matching Contributions

Correcting Vesting Errors

403(b) Fix It - Our 403(b) Rescue Series

Organization is Not Eligible

Participant Group Exclusions

Hardship Distributions